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Saad Zaghlûl

Saad Zaghloul :

Saad Zaghlûl, Sa’d Zaghloul Pasha ibn Ibrahim) (1859-August 23, 1927) was an Egyptian politician. He served as Prime Minister of Egypt from January 26, 1924 to November 24, 1924.

Education, activism and exile

Zaghloul was born in Ibyana village in the Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate of Egypt’s Nile Delta. For his post-secondary education, he attended Al-Azhar University in Cairo. In the 1880s, he became politically active, for which he was arrested. After his release from prison, Zaghloul went on to practice Law. He became increasingly active in nationalist movements, and in 1918, he led a delegation demanding complete independence from Britain at the Paris Peace Conference. The British in turn demanded that Zaghloul end his political agitation. When he refused, they exiled him to Malta and later to the Seychelles. At the time of his arrival in the Seychelles, a number of other prominent anti-imperialist leaders were also exiled there, including Mohamoud Ali Shire, the 20th Sultan of the Somali Warsangali Sultanate, with whom Zaghloul would soon develop a rapport.

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