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Before talking about the famous pyramids of Giza, we must know how the emergence of the idea of the pyramid or the pyramid in general.

The pyramid is a tomb which is the maximum reached in the thought of ancient Egyptian architecture, and the graves were considered the most important thing is for the ancient Egyptian belief in immortality, and was dependent on the state of the cemetery on the material and social status of the family graves in the general population was composed of a vertical oval hole sector,

Cover the cut stone and placed by the pieces of wood or stone to indicate the location of the graves in the cemetery was a rich-room mud-brick or stone and there is a hole in one of the elements of the sector or the terrible header placed at the bottom of a rectangular stone sarcophagus of the mummy for the development and filling it with stones after the burial and the sand Tombs of Kings was composed of two main parts: —

The first above ground and consists of a room where the effects are mainly held by the deceased’s funeral concerts before and after the burial, and the sacrifices made by the walls of the room was filled with Balnicoc and graphics that show the status of the deceased and Positions held and the work was carried out by this and along the main room there is another room separated by thick walls are all the dead and put valuables where smart incense, perfumes, the smell of the room so that the verses.

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