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Unit One : Ethics in Business

Written Expression 01: The Effects of Corruption

التعبير الكتابي :مخــــــاطر الفســـــــاد

The Effects of Corruption

Corruption is an immoral behaviour. It is has enormous negative effects on both
people’s life and the society.
First, it prevents justice inside the society. For example, People who are rich or those
who have high rank in the society will take the rights of others simply by giving bribery.
Moreover, Corruption leads to unemployment because unqualified people will take
jobs of people who are most qualified for these jobs. For instance, they give a sum of
money, so they get a job easily. However, they will not perform well in their work, and
this leads to reducing the economy growth. In addition, corruption effects the economy
of the country. In fact, rich people do not pay the taxes, but the poor people pay all the
taxes. As a result, this will enlarge the gap between the poor and the rich.
To sum up, corruption is a negative behaviour that must be fought immediately by
both people and governments.

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